ORCA Therapeutics BV Announces Completion of Patient Enrollment for Phase II Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial

October 31, 2023

ORCA Therapeutics BV (“ORCA”), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing oncolytic immunotherapies for cancer treatment, is pleased to announce the full enrollment of patients for our Phase II clinical trial aimed at prostate cancer.

Our Phase II trial is structured to evaluate ORCA-010, our advanced potency-enhanced oncolytic immunotherapy product, in individuals diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. Having enrolled 12 patients, including those eligible for either active surveillance or radical prostatectomy, the trial marks a considerable advancement in our endeavor to innovate and refine treatment alternatives for prostate cancer patients.

Preliminary data reveals a commendable safety profile for both single and multiple administrations of ORCA-010. We observed a significant surge in T cell activation and memory T cells after ORCA-010 treatment. Additionally, an analysis of prostate tissue showcased significant infiltration of immune cells, in particular cytotoxic CD8 T cells, and highlighted the ability of ORCA-010 to turn cold tumor microenvironments to a hot tumor microenvironment.

The distinctive qualities of ORCA-010, combined with these promising results, set the stage for its further advancement in prostate cancer treatment. This is envisioned to be in conjunction with existing therapies, aiming to minimize morbidities or augment efficacy. Furthermore, ORCA-010’s capacity to trigger immune activation in the tumor microenvironment augments the likelihood of prostate cancer patients benefiting from subsequent immune therapies, such as checkpoint inhibitors.

About Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer continues to rank among the most common cancers in men. Present-day treatments for early-stage disease often lead to significant morbidities, drastically diminishing patients’ quality of life. This underscores the urgency for continuous research and innovation in treatment modalities. For advanced-stage disease, it’s observed that a majority of prostate cancer patients exhibit resistance to immunotherapies, including checkpoint inhibitors, emphasizing the importance of early intervention. Introduction of innovative therapeutic strategies is vital to manage the ailment, diminish morbidities, and uplift patient outcomes.

About ORCA Therapeutics BV

ORCA Therapeutics BV is at the cutting edge of immuno-oncology therapeutic development, with expertise in oncolytic viruses and groundbreaking gene therapy techniques. We’re devoted to turning scientific discoveries into actionable therapeutic solutions. Our unwavering commitment is to cater to unmet medical needs and improve the well-being of patients across the globe. Learn more about our mission and endeavors at www.orca-therapeutics.com.

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