ORCA has created an attractive and versatile portfolio of oncolytic adenovirus technologies. These technologies have been validated individually in preclinical studies, and are used by ORCA to generate safe immunotherapeutic products that are many times more potent than competitor products. ORCA’s highly potent lead product ORCA-010 is currently being developed for its first-in-man study. In this first indication, ORCA-010 will be locally administered in the prostate. Since ORCA-010 can target a wide variety of solid tumor types, ORCA’s pipeline can be expanded by initiating clinical development in other solid tumor indications that are accessible for intratumoral administration. Expression of tumor suppressor p53, and delivery of RNA interference (RNAi) mediating molecules such as short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) are two other patent protected technologies that provide opportunities to expand the product pipeline.