• Strong cancer cell kill
  • Low toxicity for normal cells
  • Applicable to a broad spectrum of solid tumors
  • Unique dual mode of action (cell kill and anti-cancer immune response)
  • Well positioned to combine with chemo-, radio- and other immunotherapies.
  • Scalable animal component-free production process.


ORCA’s lead product ORCA-010 is derived from the common cold virus adenovirus serotype 5 (Ad5). ORCA-010 was made by modifying 3 places in the DNA of Ad5:


Through the unique combination of these modifications in the ORCA-010 product, a virus has been created that is more effective in killing cancer cells compared to competitor viruses.

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Animal studies with human solid tumors have shown that ORCA-010 can stop the growth of different tumor types, and is therefore applicable to various cancer indications.

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ORCA’s strategy is to first demonstrate safety and biological activity of ORCA-010 in a Phase I/II clinical trial in treatment naive patients with prostate cancer.

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